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    My name is Sara Nabian,
    I am a Persian teacher and translator.

  • About me

    I teach you Persian

    Persian is my native language and I studied Persian language and literature at the Tehran University where I obtained the master's degree.

    I believe the best way of learning Persian, especially for beginners, is to focus on the informal, spoken language. That gives the opportunity to communicate with all Persian speakers around the world. However, I am able to adjust the teaching plans to your needs in case you prefer to learn some other aspects of the language, such as literature, bussiness or formal language.

    I am available on Skype, Telegram and other communication platforms and I have experience with theaching on-line. Currently I live in Prague, Czech Republic, so in case you live here, we can also have face to face classes.

  • Persian language

    Persian is part of the Indo-European language family, just like English or French, therefore it has common roots with those languages.

    Learning Persian helps you open a gate to the rich culture and literature of three big nations of Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. There are also many native Persian speakers living all around the world.

  • Contact me

    No matter if you only want to learn a few phrases and words before your trip to Iran or you want to actually master the language, do not hesitate to contact me.
    I will design lessons that perfectly suit your needs!

    E-mail: info@learningpersian.cz
    Skype: Sara Nabian

    Facebook page below: weekly tips and notes about learning Persian

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